CODEX working group on follow up formula composition

 ICAAS has been one of few non-for-profit scientific associations to be actively involved in the international effort of the UN Agencies, notably CODEX, to provide regulatory guidance to international trade in food and food ingredients. Specifically, ICAAS members have been contributing to the effort to define follow-up formulae for infants, especially in respect to amino acid composition and protein quality. The CODEX effort on infant nutrition is complicated and it may continue well into 2017, but ICAAS will make sure that essential amino acids are included among the ingredients used in follow-up formulae. Among newer activities, CODEX, led by several Africa countries, is re-defining so-called “ready to use therapeutic foods” which are being applied in war zones to provide immediate nutrition to both adults and children. Again, ensuring that quality of protein is included in such provisions is the key task ICAAS foresees. Finally, food information and labeling intended for the final consumers is also an important aspect and therefore ICAAS is also monitoring CODEX activities in establishing global guidance on front-of-pack food labels.