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On June 7, we held a brainstorming meeting with the members of the ICAAS Scientific Advisory Committee (ICAAS SAC).

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Message from the ICAAS President

I was invited to become the President of the International Council on Amino Acid Science from 1 January 2008. ICAAS exists to “explore and resolve scientific issues related to all matters of safety, quality and use of amino acids with particular emphasis on dietary use for humans”.


ICAAS welcomes all organizations that have interests in amino acid science, for example, corporations, associations and academic institutions. Personal membership is not available. For more information, please contact to the secretariat office.

ICAAS Secretariat Office:

Avenue Jules Bordet 142
BE-1140 Brussel, BELGIUM
Tel. +32.2. 761 1676 Fax. +32.2. 761 1699
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